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    applied to the pilot plant data when selecting the SAG mill shell and motor size. Upon resolution of issues related to the mill motor and lifter design, the project only just managed to achieve the target throughput of 17 Mt/y (Figure 1). The contributing factors to higher than expected SAG mill specific energy (lower throughput) were:


    Trommel's Dimension Slot Size ... Pulp Lifters and Cone Discharge of SAG Mills • Size of SAG Grate: 64 mm • The short directors is near to medium directors • Strangulation of 95 mm 697 mm 307 mm 674 mm 350 mm Cone discharge of SAG 1011 95 mm 298 …

  • Improved Relationships for Discharge in SAG/AG Mills

    of grate/pulp lifter design in AG/SAG mill discharge. The current understanding from literature lacks knowledge of mill content size distribution and its effect on discharge through the grate at various aperture sizes and radial positions. It also indicates that in order to advance the understanding in a meaningful way, a more mechanistic ...

  • Modelling: Transfer size limits - SAGMILLING.COM

    The software uses the particular power model (Bond/Barratt, Morrell Mi, etc.) to determine what is the transfer size where the ratio of E SAG to E ball matches the ratio of mill power (1:1.5 in this example). This is the 'maximum efficiency' transfer size where the mills will both operate at full power.

  • Mineral movement simulation through the grates and pulp ...

    application of the DOE method has allowed to back up statistically the results and indicate that the slot angle increases the mill's outlet flow. Keywords: grate, SAG-Mill, DEM-Simulation, flow-back, carry-over 1. Introduction Size reduction of ores has an important …

  • Overflow Versus Grate Discharge Ball Mills: An ...

    Overflow Versus Grate Discharge Ball Mills: An Experimental Investigation It has been widely accepted to go for grate discharge ball milling when a coarse product is preferred or to avoid production of extreme fines, but overflow discharge mills are preferred …

  • Optimization of mill performance by using - SciELO

    mill performance could become worse or better by putting in a new shell liner. Data from pilot plant test work illustrates the influence of the shell lifting effect on the grind for a primary grinding duty. Figure 5 shows the evolution of the mill discharge product size in relation to the lifting effect of the liners.

  • SAG Mill Ball Size Evaluator | Evaluation Factors ...

    Lets calculate/select/pick a new ball for your SAG mill. Now, lets suppose you have a SAG Mill and Ball Mill that are not drawing full kW Power. The SAG Mill has a "small" circulation load of oversize given be the 3/8″ trommel screen and the 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ discharge grates. The load of 4″ balls in this SAG is "good" but un-measured.

  • Optimizing your SAG Mill | Mining Surplus

    Mar 02, 2010· Similar to slurry flow-back, the pebbles flowing back into the mill increase with larger pebble port or grate slot size. As the pebbles flow down and slide across the grate slots, they get an equal chance to go back into the mill. Similar to slurry pool formation, pebbles flow-back would increase the quantity of critical size material in the mill.


    estimated utilising the SAG mill grate size and discharge screen aperture sizes and the Rosin-Rammler size distribution function, which has been selected for its convenience and since it "has been found to fit many size distributions very well" (Napier-Munn et al.,1996).

  • Using DEM To Model Ore Breakage Within A Pilot Scale Sag Mill

    The load in such a mill typically contains 250,000–450,000 particles larger than 6 mm, allowing correct representation of more than 90% of the charge in Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulations. Most AG/SAG mills use discharge grate slots which are 15 mm or more in width. The mass in each size fraction usually decreases rapidly below grate size.

  • PAI SAG Mill Training - YouTube

    Jan 08, 2016· In this training module, we'll cover the workings of a semi-autogenous grinding mill, or SAG mill, that's designed to be the first stage of a grinding circuit. Ore that's crushed in a primary ...

  • Mill power draw models - SAGMILLING.COM

    Mill Power Draw Models. The mill power draw models are used to predict how much power will be consumed by a particular type of mill, mill geometry and set of mill operating conditions. This power is transferred to the ore and used to predict the throughput when combined with the specific energy consumption models.

  • Mill Grates Help Boost Production at Codelco | E & MJ

    Discharge grates are designed to retain oversize material and balls in the mill, while allowing slurry and pebbles to move on. In 2015, El Teniente claimed record commercial production of more than 71,000 tons of fine copper at one of the industry's lowest cost levels. An increase in slot size and operational stability increased throughput by 7%.

  • SAG Mill Grinding Circuit Design

    Similar to slurry flow-back, the pebbles flowing back into the mill increase with larger pebble port or grate slot size. As the pebbles flow down and slide across the grate slots, they get an equal chance to go back into the mill. Similar to slurry pool formation, pebbles flow-back would increase the quantity of critical size material in the mill.


    Converse~', some !,TJ'ate castings /CwtuJ'e peelling q( the edges during mill operatioll, thereby decreasing open area. al1d there/ore preventing (he desired top size product/i'om exiling the mill. SAG mill Ihroughplll requires grate holes to relllaill open or else Ihroughplll is restricled. ~)'


    SINGLE STAGE SAG/AG MILLING DESIGN Brian Putland 1, Fred Kock & Leigh Siddall1 ... xLoad stability with large rock size and a small mill volume. xPebble extraction rates and discharge designs in the pilot mills. ... first based on the required slurry flow with typical grate and pulp lifter performance and the Effective Grinding Length. 1.

  • The Science of Comminution

    mill trunnions provides a very low cost solution for variable speed mill operation. Since the mill and its power unit are supplied as a module, the mill can be supplied, erected and commissioned very quickly without the need for highly skilled technicians. Outside of traditional hard rock mines, these mills offer an attractive, economic alternative

  • Overflow VS Grate Discharge Ball or Mill - Why Retrofit

    The discharge end of the Grate Discharge Ball Mill has at least ten times the discharge opening area, through the grate slots, compared to the common trunnion overflow type mill. The discharge grates are designed to run clean and free of any blinding or choking. The pulp level in the mill may be varied by merely changing the pulp dilution.

  • Minerals | Free Full-Text | Optimizing Performance of SABC ...

    The initial design of the grate section caused a serious accumulation of pebbles within the SAG mill which contributed to a decreased grinding efficiency. The grates were designed with 18 inner sections, with a 25 mm grate slot width, and 18 outer sections, with only four sections having pebble ports (slot width of 60 mm).

  • GRATE-LOCK - Plank - Galvanized - G412304M -

    McNICHOLS ® Plank Grating, Interlocking Plank, GRATE-LOCK ®, Galvanized Steel, ASTM A-653, Mill Finish, 14 Gauge (.0785" Thick), Round-End Slot (12" Width), 3" Channel Depth, Two Male Channel Flanges, Male Channel Flange Profiles Interlock with Adjacent Channel Flange Profiles, Slip-Resistant Surface, Long way of Opening (LWO) Parallel to Width of Interlocking Plank, Slots Sheared ...

  • DEM Simulation of Mill Charge in 3D via GPU Computing

    DEM SIMULATION OF MILL CHARGE IN 3D VIA GPU COMPUTING *R.K.Rajamani1 and S.Callahan2, 3, ... the execution times are of the order of weeks on a single CPU for a typical plant size mill, which then ... hydrodynamics are employed for slurry and pebble flow through the grate slots …

  • Turbo Pulp Lifter (TPLTM) - An Efficient Discharger to ...

    Turbo Pulp Lifter (TPLTM) - An Efficient Discharger to Improve SAG Mill Performance Sanjeeva Latchireddi Chief Process Engineer Outokumpu Technology Inc. Centennial Co 80112, USA Phone +1 303 792 3110 x224 Fax +1 303 799 6892 Email: [email protected] Key Words: SAG, Grate, Pulp lifter, pebbles, flow-back, carry-over

  • Improving Autogenous/Semi-Autogenous Grinding …

    grate slots, they get an equal chance to go back into the mill as illustrated in discrete element method (DEM) simulation of 36 ft SAG mill pulp lifters shown in Figure 5. Solid particles and coarse pebbles also flow-back through the grates along with the slurry. While flow-back of slurry leads to

  • SAG Milling in Australia -Revised Submission

    Developments in SAG Mill Design and Operation Over the last few years, SAG mill manufacturing technology has advanced rapidly. The bounds of mill size have been pushed from two directions. Firstly, the advent of ring motors has removed the constraint applied by the power that a …


    SLURRY POOLING AND TRANSPO RT ISSUES IN SAG MILLS ... representative of the whole grate. [slot] all slots mill ... This effect can also be observed when the feed to a mill changes in size

  • grates hammer crushergrates opening in sag mill

    grates opening in sag mill,grates opening in sag mill grate slot size liner design,with the advent of large diameter sag mills,the mill technology hammer . Contact Us ball mill grate discharge . for ball and SAG mill applications, Ball mill grates limitation on the smallest ball size is the discharge grate slot …

  • How a Grate Discharge Ball Mill Works

    Here I try to explain how ground slurry is discharged from a grate ball mill (or SAG). How it works is, the slurry flows across the grate as it would a screen panel. On the other side of the grate/screens are veins like a pump impeller. As the mill turns/rotates the slurry is "pumped" out and discharged. Discharge Grates The natural flexibility of rubber has allowed rubber manufacturers to ...

  • SAG Mill Liner Design - Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

    To a more significant degree than in other comminution devices, SAG Mill Liner Design and Configuration can have a substantial effect mill performance. In general terms, lifter spacing and angle, grate open area and aperture size, and pulp lifter design and capacity must be considered.

  • Discharge end liner design The mill side inner ends of the ...

    Water-jet systems, used for returning discharged oversize rock and steel back into a SAG mill, may have to limit the size of material that can be returned. This, in turn, would limit the size of grate slots to prevent the discharge unacceptably large materials. Figure 6 — Outer feed end integral angled lifter-liner (after Veloo et al., 2006a).

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